Remote Learning Donation – We need your help!

Dear Friends of the Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA,

I hope you are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

During this time of need, we at the Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA continue to work with our partners to see how we can address the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community, particularly the needs of our students.  

As you know, during the mandated school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged students who do not have access to technology are the ones most at-risk for falling further behind their peers.  Studies are estimating that school closures across the country could result in economically disadvantaged students falling up to a full academic school year behind when they return to school in the fall. 

Although we recognize that our first consideration must always be on safety and health, we are working in collaboration with Community organizations and Cincinnati Public schools (CPS) to ensure that this pandemic does not hinder the academic success of our children, whose future is in our minds. 

Although, CPS is providing some families with devices/computers, there is a limited inventory available to meet the needs of the over 35,000 students they serve. This diverse population includes English learners (ESL Students) and some of the most economically disadvantaged students in our community. Although the current need is above 600 students, our goal is to gather around minimum of 200 devices to cover for the most at risk students in Highschool.

We are partnering with organizations who will support us with refurbished devices and internet connections. The cost of a refurbished Chromebook is $150 and cheapest internet connection $20 per month.

Therefore, we are asking for your personal or company’s support.  We are asking for donations in the form of used: (1) Laptops, (2) iPADs, (3) smartphones, (4) other technological devices, or monetary credit card donations to reduce the equity gap between our children with access to technology versus those who do not.  Other ways to support, for example you or your Company can sponsor:

  1. The after-market purchase of a used and refurbished Laptop/Chromebook for $150
  2. The internet access of one students for $20 per month for 6 months = $120
  3. Your Company’s donation for 10 students to get a used & refurbished LapTop for $1,500
  4. Your Company’s donation for 10 students to get internet access for 6 months for $1,200

Please consider contributing by donating to the Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati Foundation a 501(c)3. 100% of the money receive will be transferred to the CPS system to cover the mentioned needs.   Please help us by sharing this letter to others who you believe would consider helping our children.    

We know that education is the great equalizer and during this time of remote learning, we need to ensure all our students have equal access to technological tools to enhance their academic success. We want our Cincinnati Hispanic community to emerge from this crisis with a strong economic future. 

The Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati Foundation a 501(c)3 will acknowledge your very needed and valuable donation (cash or electronic used products) with a charity donation receipt that you will be able to use for your 2020 tax return.

Please let us know how if you have any other ideas to help our ESL children

Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati Foundation
Alfonso Cornejo, President
(513) 533-3800

Key Contacts Cincinnati Public Schools
Marie Kobayashi  (513) 363 – 3251
Sarah Madrigal     (513) 202 – 3581


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